Network 5.84KG
Difficulty 137M
Daily reward/G 14.80
Grin price $0.032
G1 daily 533
Mini daily 18
Pool statistics
Pool hashrate
Online miners (rigs)
93 (500)

1. Fill in the address

Region Server address
Example: stratum+tcp://

2. Fill in the worker name

  • The worker name is the registered email address plus the rig's name, separated by a dot.
  • The password can be filled in arbitrarily, usually an X.

3. Click Save&Apply and you are good to go

  • Your hashrate will gradually grow, so please be patient.
  • The pool will determine your hashrate based on the number of valid shares submitted by your miner. This value may be a little different from the local hashrate reported by your mining software.

4. Sign up or Sign in

  • Check hashrate chart.
  • Bind wallet address to receive reward.